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I bring websites & web applications to life.

If you're in the market for a creative front-end developer who is concerned about the user experience & thrives on building accessible, responsive, performance optimized web experiences, we should talk.

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Hello! I'm Dianna Cheng

A creative, passionate, and enthusiastic front-end developer living in Beautiful British Columbia.

I've spent roughly 17+ years building interfaces for software GUIs, Web applications, and sites. I LOVE CSS, well written semantic markup, and great user interactions and experiences.

I specialize in bringing visual interactions to life through HTML5 structure/optimization, CSS/SASS, and JavaScript interaction work. I employ a mobile first approach and consider the user throughout the project lifecycle.

Always eager to expand and share my skills, in my spare time you'll find me tinkering around on codepen, or learning new techniques and technologies via the web community or online courses. I believe in lifelong learning and continuous growth.

I also have an art background, and in my free time you'll often find me creating digital works, sketching, painting and sharing it to social media. My Instagram and Dribbble accounts are filled with my creations if you'd like to check it out.



17 + Years of Front-end Experience

What do I do? I make things.

Front-end developer by day, artist by night. Always creative.

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